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Logo The Bar Rotterdam

The Bar Rotterdam started a Crossfit Gym right across the Van Nelle factory. Their goal is to provide top quality coaching in Functional Fitness. The Bar asked me to create a logo that fits their mission and the spacious and bright building in which they are located. I used two barbells to make an 'X' in the middle because this 'X' is used in the architecture of the building.

The wide bold font NCC1701A indicates strength and power. The bright turquoise color fits very well in the light location. I also designed T-shirts for their members: with the icon of the barbells on front and the logo on the back.


In the layout of the website I mainly used professional photos of their gym and the coaches, to really capture the atmosphere of the gym. The web page visitors get a good sense of the vibes in the gym so they know what to expect when they first come to the gym.


The Bar asked me to make their website. With WIX I created their website with all the information about their memberships, schedules, coaching trajectories and events. I used the same color codes that I used in the logo, but also added some secondary colors to make the user experience attractive. 

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