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The people in the illustrations are drawn in one line, but do not become abstract. They used the illustrations for their factsheet that gives prospects an overview of the services People Intouch provides. The illustrations are simple and do not distract from the important information on the factsheet.

Artboard – 24.png
Illustrations People Intouch

People Intouch is a SaaS company that makes whistleblowing software for large (multinational) corporations. The SpeakUp app allows employees around the world to anonymously report misconduct such as fraud, sexual abuse or bullying in the workplace. People Intouch asked me to create new illustrations for some of their sales documents that are unique,

professional and clear. 

Artboard – 23.png
Social media content

People Intouch is always challenged to create content that attracts the attention of multinational companies around the world. They came up with the idea to thank all the countries that were using their SpeakUp app already. I made illustrations of people with flags for more than 20 different countries.  

Artboard – 18.png
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