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Logo Culture Club

Culture club is a Crossfit gym that started during Corona times in underground club RTM in Rotterdam. They asked me to design a logo that represents a gym where you can sport and meet your friends. After a few brainstorming sessions, creation sessions and feedback session, this was the logo the client choose. 

The bold font (Bugfast) presents power and the italic indicates movement, two very important components in Crossfit. The retro colours are in relation with the clubbing and street culture of Rotterdam, it suits the location of the gym. I also made designs for T-shirts and hoodies, available for members of the gym. 

culture clubs party.png
Social media content

After the lockdowns in 2020/2021 Culture Club organised parties that had to be promoted for gym members and friends. The client asked me to make posters, Instagram posts and Instagram stories, to promote the parties. The posts had to give a sporty look, but also the nightlife feeling.

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