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I have been drawing since I was little. Drawing and telling stories about it to my little brother, while I was drawing, was my favourite hobby. In high school, my entire diary was filled with scribbles and sketches. I made the posters for school dances and I made a mural in the auditorium of my high school.

During my Crimonology studies I lost the hobby for a while, but in times of Corona I rediscovered my passion. Since 2020 I have made many large landscapes with figures on my Ipad.

I got inspired by everything that happened in my life and society.

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The drawings are mainly political but also contain weird monsters and creatures.

Some drawings contain poems, which were created by my friend Lindsey Schwidder. One of these drawings was exhibited from September until November 2021 at Project Raamwerk organised by NEstudios in Rotterdam.

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