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_Voorstel_Project_Raamwerk 4.png

An ode to Rotterdam

Roos Kloosterman & Lindsey Schwidder

This work was exhibited from September until November 2021 at Project Raamwerk organised by Noorder Eiland studios in Rotterdam.

Right in de middle we see the 'father' of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb cycling on the Erasmus Brug. On the upper-right we see Lee Towers singing as the sun, holding his  notorious golden microphone. On the other side, we see the famous 'Kubuswoningen' , 'De Markthal' and 'Het Potlood'. In the low corner on the left the famous poet Jules Deelder emerges from an apple. In the lower middle there is a floating ufo with the alien-looking presenters of Eurovision 2021, which was held in Rotterdam that year. Underneath the orange Rubik's cube tree Roos and Lindsey are laying in the grass, figuring out the Rubik's cubes, and enjoying all the magic is this wonderful city. 

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